BlackBerry enters patent license agreement with Timex Group

In a rather quick and straight to the point press release, BlackBerry has now announced they have entered into a patent license agreement with Timex Group. The agreement includes on-going royalty payments from Timex to BlackBerry but other terms of the agreement have been kept confidential.

"This license agreement with Timex demonstrates the strength of BlackBerry's patent portfolio, and will enable us to focus on further patent licensing opportunities in the mobile communications market," said Jerald Gnuschke, senior director of Intellectual Property Licensing, BlackBerry.

With the agreement being kept confidential, it's hard to say how much of an effect it will have on BlackBerry's balance sheet and unlike other license agreements BlackBerry has been signing, there's no mention what this patent registration is for.

To keep you guessing, BlackBerry notes they have approximately 40,000 worldwide patents  applications covering a wide array of technologies including wireless communications, networking infrastructure, acoustics, messaging, enterprise software, operating systems, virtualization, and cybersecurity.