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Trademark Review


A trademark is any unique expression related to a product/service that distinguishes it from others. But due to some valid reasons, trademark examiners may refuse to register the trademark which does not meet their legal norms. There can be many reasons for a refusal of your trademark. It can be due to the similarity between logo or word with any existing one. It may be due to the sentiments attached with any religion. If you receive any refusal like this from another party, then you need to respond back within a month, that is within 30 days. You will receive a proper legal objection letter from Trademark Office. If you don’t take any steps regarding the refusal, the Registrar has the full rights to abandon your application. In some cases, filing a trademark review application and crafting a proper response to the Office Action can overcome the examiner’s initial refusals to register the trademark.


Trademark Cancellation


A trademark cancellation is a legal challenge to the continued registration of a particular trademark. In most cases, a cancellation must be filed within three/five years of the date that the trademark registration issued. A trademark cancellation must allege one or more grounds for challenging a particular trademark registration. For instance, cancellations may be based on the petitioner’s belief that the trademark is no longer in use and has been abandoned, or that the trademark is merely descriptive and not entitled to registration.


Trademark Opposition


According to the trademark law, any party who may be damaged by the actual or proposed registration of a mark is entitled to challenge the registration. If the mark has been published for proposed registration, the party—usually the owner of a competing mark—can oppose the registration. The opposition must be in writing and be filed within the prescribed time period.


Trademark Invalidation


 Invalidation is the legal procedure which allows anyone to try and remove a trademark from the register as if it had never been registered. You may apply to remove the entire registration, or only some of the goods or services it covers for the following reasons.  1) you think the trademark is one which is not unique to the proprietor and should be free for you (or anyone) in that line of trade to use; 
2) you own a trademark (which does not have to be registered itself) which is the same as, or similar to, the proprietor’s trademark. 



Worldwide Experts, World-class Service


We proudly operate in 120 countries in the world. Our worldwide capabilities make it possible for us to provide professional service to more markets, and help you protect trademarks internationally. What's more, we have highly experienced trademark specialists in each country. This ensures that your consultant knows the ins and outs of your region, and can provide you with a seamless, stress-free experience. Global reach with local knowledge and international understanding. 

Online Tracking of The Process


Our online customer account system contains a list of all trademark actions each client has filed with us, along with the detailed information about each trademark (e.g. filing number, filing date, registration number). The system is also set up to send out important reminders, such as statements of use deadlines, respond dates, and others.



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