PropertyGuru is taking to court over copyright infringement and more

PropertyGuru, Singapore’s largest property classifieds portal in terms of traffic, is suing rival startup over reproducing content from its website, according to court documents obtained by Tech in Asia.

The next hearing will be held on September 20 in the Singapore Supreme Court.

PropertyGuru claims there are three causes of action: breached a settlement agreement that both parties entered into on September 2015. induced property agents on PropertyGuru to breach its terms of use. violated PropertyGuru’s copyright by reproducing photos with the latter’s watermark.

At the center of these three claims is Xpressor, a third-party app which property agents have been using to cross-post property listings from PropertyGuru to is contesting all three accusations, and counterclaiming that PropertyGuru is making groundless threats.

In its defense, argues that:

End users (the property agents) were the ones who reproduced the content that allegedly belongs to PropertyGuru.

It was unaware of PropertyGuru’s terms of use for property agents, and therefore lacked the knowledge and intention to induce PropertyGuru’s users to violate its policies.

Property agents are merely exercising their own copyright information  by cross-posting content from PropertyGuru to using a third-party software.

The case follows intensifying competition between the two for Singapore’s property market.

What the courts will have to decide is whether or not, by using Xpressor, is responsible for the watermarked images that wound up on its website. Furthermore, there is a question as to whether or not they are even copyrightable material.